This Time: Dratted Hand Dryers in Loos!

Dry in seconds but as noisy as 'a road drill': Super fast hand dryers may be loud enough to damage people's hearing  Ha, after my stinky candles rant, this time it’s the turn of those really LOUD hand-dryers in loos nowadays. Another pet hate. I scarper as fast as I can if someone starts using one and I literally put my hands over my ears and glare at them! I use paper if I can or air-dry and never touch the door handles – I use my sleeve lol!

Anyway, seems experts are concerned about their noise level now too:

Super fast hand dryers ‘have same impact on the eardrum as a road drill’

And the Huffington Post has more on it here. It seems they got through safety tests because of inaccuracies in the testing. They didn’t test them in a boxy loo environment.

Turn them down please manufacturers; there’s no need to feel like you’re standing next to a plane taking off!

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