Is Coffee Safe?

I keep getting asked this. To be clear: coffee is NOT a cross-reactive food but a cross-contaminated one. Bean to cup should be fine, but instant and processed coffees probably not.

Then I saw Dr Osborne’s most recent post this morning in my Inbox and I see where the confusion is coming from as even Dr O is saying it is cross-reactive, which it is not – it was a confusion over the Cyrex 4 test when it first came out! I even contacted Dr Vodjani to check and have bemoaned the myth on blog and social media sites ever since!

That said, Dr O does make a very good point about mycotoxins and moulds on coffee beans. I really think this is an issue for some people and may well be the reason I can’t tolerate the dried teas he recommends instead as those are renowned for it too. I do OK on coffee beans. I wonder if there is a way of getting the mould off as I am assuming with dried things, it is mould that gathers on the surface rather than in the actual food – am I right those of you who know more about moulds than I do? Any tips for how to de-mould coffee and teas? I could do with a nice cuppa sometimes!

Anyway, have a read of Dr Osborne’s piece here but do not perpetuate the error that coffee is a cross-reactive food in the same way as dairy and the other grains are! Do read the rest of it though!

Is Coffee Safe on a Gluten Free Diet?

And here is the reply I put in comments for you too:

Truly Gluten Free

Didn’t Vodjani say later that it was cross-contamination that was the problem in instant/processed coffees but not coffee itself, so bean to cup coffee should be fine from a truly gluten free perspective? It is not a cross-reactive food in the same way as dairy and other grains are.

That said, it could well be the mycotoxins causing an issue, I reckon. I have found dried teas – black, green, herb etc also cause issues with people so might they be an issue with mycotoxins too, do you think, Dr Osborne? It leaves me and them with very few options for warm drinks!

If anyone wants to show me I’m wrong and coffee IS a cross reactive food, please do.

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  1. Do you have any thoughts on trying the hookworm larvae treatment for allergens. I am thinking of trying it but feel a trifle nervous, I would be very interested in your views. Regards Ceri Rowland

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