Stats – We’re Doing Well!

Just thought I’d have a look at how many followers I’ve got currently. I don’t really care about the quantity as I know my followers are quality ones, which is MUCH nicer! However, I was just coming up to 1000 on the Purehealth monthly newsletter so thought I’d have a look. I surprised myself.

I currently have just under 4,100 followers on social media and email plus a whopping 14,700 unique visitors to the blogs each month (18,965 site views per month). Whoa.

That means 176,400 unique visitors visit my blogs each year and that they get 227,580 views per year so far. Plus all those email and social media followers.

How nice is that?! I know that’s small-fry to ‘real’ bloggers, but I am really pleased with that. I had best keep writing posts then 😉

Thank you for being with me anyway – and I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy writing them! Onward…

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