Healing Plan Feedback – Aw Shucks…

Home page flow chartPeople have been finishing my new Healing Plan – whilst I have been hiding behind a cushion in case they hate it!

But the consensus, so far, is: they love it. Yay 🙂

It was such a tough, personal thing to write but I am so glad I did now – I tried not to several times!

“..just thought I’d let you know that I read through this very quickly for the first time now and was greatly touched by it.  Part of it is sheer empathy and when you are speaking sometimes I know – literally – exactly what you are talking about.

I think [your] openness will really help other people so much and make them feel very much less alone.

I am also overwhelmed by your knowledge and understanding of so many different approaches.  It truly is a compendium of how to approach chronic illness.  

Well done – massive congratulations, both on the book and on your brave and gentle journey. You are a genuine inspiration xx”

“I have just finished your Healing Plan – what an amazing piece of work! It resonated very strongly with me… I think it is very comprehensive and gives people a really structured way forward while explaining difficult concepts clearly.

I also like the way you are so generous at referencing others’ work – not everyone is.
I loved the book and feel you deserve all the extra success and recognition that will come your way.”

“I dived straight in and read the first 90 pages. Found it excellent and really looking forward to putting this into practice!”

Smiley Micki 🙂

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