Healing Plan and Thinny Skinnies Update

Just noticed, the lovely editor Michelle at Foodsmatter.com recommended my Healing Plan in her newsletter:

* The Healing Plan – mind-body medicine for chronic illness

As many of you will know, Micki has been battling with her own chronic illnesses for the last few years. But, being Micki, she has not only worked her way through her own issues but has charted a course for anyone else suffering from similar unresolved total food intolerance, fatigue, migraine and body-wide pain problems. And it is all there in her Step by Step Healing Plan.

And, she has published my revised edition of the (apparently) very popular Thinny Skinnies article too:

Micki Rose revises her fascinating 2009 article looking at recent research into ‘thin’ skin and its consequences – and suggesting how you might deal with the problem.

How nice is that? It makes me feel like a real writer 🙂

You can subscribe to her – obviously fabulous! – newsletter here. Other really useful allergy/freefrom-based bits and bobs this newsletter include pieces about the guilt you can feel as a parent of an allergic child, some FODMAPs research, Easter recipes (OK, I got to that a bit late, but chocolate is not  just for Easter…) and actually the judging of 900 freefrom chocolates in the recent Academy of Chocolate Awards. Now, there’s a job…!

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