New Functional Blood Chemistry Health Report Launched

find iconYou’ll have noticed recently that I have been reviewing and updating some of our tests. It’s work I started a while ago and have just completed a load of it, hence I keep telling you about new tests!

Today it is the turn of the blood chemistry profiles – you know: those ‘full bloods’ tests usually done by your GP? Here’s the new blurb for you on the Metabolic & Functional Tests section of the shop to explain:

Blood Chemistry Testing

Most often, the first test a doctor will do for you is ‘full bloods’ which is a standard work-up of white blood cells, red blood cells, cholesterol, blood glucose, some liver, possibly thyroid and renal markers and the like. Very useful. It can pick up some really important markers.

Often, what happens is you get told they are all ‘normal’. I hear this a lot. They may all well be normal given average reference ranges, but I often see things on there which could suggest a less than optimal functioning somewhere or another. You can do your own version of a standard work-up as a kind of overall MOT test and there are now two ways to do that.

The closest to the GP work-up is the Genova Functional Blood Chemistry Profile which is excellent, gives you a good easy-to-read report with optimal and not just standard reference ranges. It includes everything you would expect plus a very useful HBA1c diabetes score.

More comprehensive by far is the FDX03 Health Report from Functional Diagnostics, invented by Dr Dicken Weatherby. This gives optimal ranges but also a shed-load more interpretation using the lab results as indicators and predictors of problems instead of just giving you a baffling set of numbers. It includes a very detailed report with a lot of useful – practical – info you can work with if that’s what you need. It also includes much more on hormones, folate, B12, Vit D, fasting insulin, a PSA count for men, homocysteine and fibrinogen.

Obviously, it’s more expensive because you get more markers and all the interpretation instead of a set of numbers. You can see a sample report here (note the report indexes start at page 11). Samples returned to the lab by courier, which is included. Blood needs to be centrifuged, as does the Genova one.

Now you might be able to see what those numbers on your results all mean! Hope it helps..check all the metabolic and functional tests on the shop here.

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  1. How interesting.. The sample report looks like textbook Lyme disease to me. And funnily enough, I have met Jonathan Cohen at various Lyme conferences so not surprising.. This might be quite a useful tool in terms of assisting diagnosis – low zinc, magnesium, B12, T3 and DHEA, high LDL and homocysteine – classic x


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