Diluted Manuka Honey For Surfaces!

Diluted Manuka honey kills most household bugs

Spreading diluted Manuka honey on surfaces around the home is one of the best ways to kill harmful bacteria like Escherichia coli.

Diluting the honey with distilled water makes a natural antiseptic that kills 77 per cent of surface bugs and is still protective three days after being applied.

The most effective dilution is one drop of Manuka honey for six of distilled water, say researchers at the University of Southampton. They tested five different dilutions, and even the most diluted—which was just 3 per cent honey—was still effective, killing 35 per cent of bacteria after 48 hours.

Manuka works because of its ability to inhibit the ‘stickiness’ of the bacterial biofilm that allows them to cling to surfaces and grow.

(J Clin Pathol, 2016; doi: 10.1136/jclinpath-2015-203546)

Source: WDDTY

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