New Glyphosate (RoundUp) and Chemicals Tests Listed

I have just listed the GPL Glyphosate and 168-chemical GPLTOX tests for you as many of you have been requesting them.

I’ve popped them on the Specific Health Conditions tests section of the shop – which is getting rather large now and may need splitting soon, eek! So far, it covers

Cardiovascular, Osteoporosis, Detox & Methylation, Infections, Immunology and Oxidative Stress. And now Chemical Exposure.

You can see that section here:

Specific Health Condition Tests  Specific Health Condition Tests

Here’s the blurb on the new chemical tests for you:

Chemical Exposure Tests

Exposure to – and sensitivity to – many toxic chemicals can cause or exacerbate many conditions. One of the major culprits currently suspected is Round Up (glyphosate), the most widely used herbicide in the world, which WHO classifies as a carcinogen, and which studies show affect the microbiome in the gut and much more. 

As such, I have listed the glyphosate and GPLTOX tests from Great Plains Labs (GPL) for you. The latter tests an impressive 168 chemicals and you can add on, or do singly, the glyphosate. Both simple urine tests but very important ones. 

I would then also be tempted to look at the Cyrex 11 to check if you are producing antibodies to any of the most common ones. That way, you have checked exposure and levels in the system and if you are immunologically reacting to any of them, if you see what I mean. You could then be cross-reacting ie. the body sees a chemical and cross-reacts to tissues and organs known to be linked with that chemical. It’s an evolving science in autoimmune world.

Hope it helps

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