New Painless Daily Testing For Diabetic Sugars On The Way

I went through a stage of having to test my blood sugars daily with that infernal fingerprick stab test – not nice; I had very sore fingertips!

So, I was pleased to see today that scientists are working on a new ‘tear’ test – where you use a tear drop instead of blood. Although, does that mean we will have to smack ourselves in the eye to produce a tear. or watch a sad film or something? The idea amuses me :).

Here’s the story for you


Millions of diabetics could soon monitor their glucose levels from a tear drop instead of having to endure painful daily blood tests.  A new technique measures sugar levels in a tiny sample of fluid from the eye, to give a quick accurate reading.  A soft foam tip is touched to the corner of the eye.  It was invented by Dr Jeffrey La Belle at Arizona State Uni In Phoenix, US.


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