Test Parasites At Full Moon…Ooh Spooky!!

Yonks ago, Christine (Supplement Woman on the team) mentioned in a comment on Facebook that you should test for parasites just before or just after a full moon. Well, I couldn’t let that one go without asking for evidence, could I?!

True to form, her research will and skills rival my own as per (I am the terrier and she is rottweiler) and she came up with this reply a few months later!!

The upshot is that we can’t find any evidence that proves it but there is probably a good chance it’s true. Henceforth, I shall be advising parasite testing just before and just after a full moon if you can – in case!

Blimey, I thought I liked researching, well done C!

A LONG while ago you asked me to find Scientific evidence for a post I did on FB about parasites being more active just before and just after a full moon, so we could put it on the test page as being the best time to pick them up. I did actually put in my post that it was not scientifically proven, but just that was what Ann Louise, [Gittleman, a well-known therapist in this field] had found in her experience. [C did in fact write to Ann Louise as part of her research to ask and they could only provide clinical evidential experience].

Anyway, I did look and couldn’t see anything specifically to do with parasites, but did find a few articles about other things and the full moon.

There is this about gastropods spawning near the full and new moon http://mollus.oxfordjournals.org/content/52/2/144.short

This about two species of Diadema and two species of Echinothrix reproducing near the full moon and new moon http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s00338-005-0491-5

This next one shows that more parasites of fish emerge near the full and new moon also https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Robert_Lester2/publication/43456314_Emergence_rates_from_the_benthos_of_the_parasitic_juveniles_of_gnathiid_isopods/links/0c96052927a3e15c55000000.pdf.This article http://holistichorse.com/health-care/worming-in-harmony-with-lunar-cycles/ says that worming of horses is best done between the new and full moons. To quote: “The strongyle family of parasites seems to respect the lunar cycle,” he says. “I think the female worm ovulates between the new and full moons. Wormers given at this time may disrupt her egg-laying cycle. So, if you can disrupt the full, 7- to 14-day, egg-laying cycle, you can disrupt strongyles.”

This next one shows that eggs of Littorina melanostoma are laid at full moon.https://www.researchgate.net/publication/229674530_Reproductive_systems_and_cyclic_release_of_eggs_in_Littorina_melanostoma_from_Malayan_mangrove_swamps_Mollusca_Gastropoda

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