TGF Supplement Master List Now Free!

TGF Supplements 3DThe Truly GlutenFree Supplements Master list has been a paid-for item with free updates for a long time – almost 5 years, I can’t believe that! – but I have now decided to make it free for everyone and stop doing the updates.  Gulp.


‘Cos it’s a LOT of work and the list is almost out of date as soon as I publish it quite frankly! The suppliers change formulations, delete stuff, add new items etc almost daily now and we can’t keep up with it.  As a consequence, four of us have been racking our brains to think how to do it more effectively and with a bit less work!

The good news is that there are, thankfully, a lot more TGF (grain and dairy free) products about now and more suppliers for us to go at other than the very few I found originally. We don’t want to be restricted to an update every few months so are trying a new way for us all.

Even more thankfully, our little TGF world where everyone thought we were mad, has mushroomed and even on our own TGF Facebook group, we have hundreds of ‘expert patients’ who regularly help each other finding stuff.

I think actually we are still the only group who really understands the complexities of grain and dairy free supplements and meds, by the way – I thank you :).

It grieves me that those not buying the master list probably had more suffering and certainly more googling time than those who did – well done them; thank you for purchasing it and saving yourself all that!

Anyway, we need to do things a bit differently now so this is how it’s going to work:

TGF Supplements 3DFirst, download the existing master list here.

It can be used as a starting place for your research, but must not be relied upon as gospel as we are no longer doing the updates. It was as accurate as we could get it at the time of the last update – August 16.

Next, join the TGF Facebook group and ask your questions/share your knowledge there.

Christine – aka TGF Supplement woman! – will help direct you to what we consider TGF safe at the time and other people will chime in with what they have found, no doubt. We may try and capture some of the info into a shared document somehow but I haven’t worked that one out yet and I DON’T want it to turn into another nightmare master list 😉

OK, I hope that makes sense so far.

Clearly, that is still a lot of work for us to administer and we have also given away a really important document and are losing sales as a result.

You guessed it: in return for all this free help, we need something from you!

supplements iconWe’ve produced a new list of recommended suppliers and ask you to use them when ordering anything if you value this info and want to support us. It makes a huge difference and will help offset the lost sales and enable me to pay the team! 

Using these suppliers will trigger a small commission payment for us but won’t cost you any more. It helps pay for all the time we spend gassing on email, live chat, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and blogs, answering questions and researching stuff that benefits us all.

I’ve popped this list in the free master list, on the blog and Purehealth websites and in Files on the Facebook groups so you can access it easily. I detail it below for you too.

Quite simply, if you are buying supplements anyway, please use the links below so we get a small kickback – it won’t cost you any more but it really helps us, bless you.

The team will also remind you of this and encourage you to use the links as we go along so we can keep revenue up and continue the work. I’m taking a huge business risk here but am confident we have enough supporters and loyal peeps to make this work. And what is it they say: what goes around, comes around and all that!


Natural Dispensary – Please give the practitioner name as Micki Rose when registering the first time

Functional Nutritional Supplements – For the first visit, please enter the site through this link and then immediately register. After that, there is no need to go via that link. – You will need to register by phone and give them Micki Rose name (after that ordering can be done by phone or online)

Nutrivital – Please give code 10616 when you register

YourHealthBasket –  Please enter  mickirose (all lower case – no space) in the COUPON CODE box EVERY time you order.

Spectrum Supplements – Please bookmark this link and enter via that link each time you visit the site

Metabolics –  Please just give the name Micki Rose when you register (NOT each time you visit)

Nutri Gold – Please use this link initially for the first visit (These have excellent supplements but are mainly for people who are not totally grain and dairy free unless we actually specify them as such)


DSS You will need to register the first time you visit using code MR425

Thank you for your loyalty and support; it means a lot! I truly hope the master list and more inclusive, sharing way of working helps you get well x

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