New Purehealth Team Members: Christine and Victoria

As promised, I have been mighty-busy trying to establish a support team for Purehealth now. Having done so, I have absolutely no idea how I did all this on my own!

Many of you already know Christine – aka supplement woman (we are threatening to buy her a cape!) -as she has been helping me now for over 2 months with TGF supplement queries and being my main Facebook group support peep with her vast knowledge!

 Anyway, Christine is photo-shy and tells me she is a keen bird photographer. This is her profile picture of a goldfinch and, of course, we have now nicknamed her Goldie! Anyway, Christine’s role is changing shortly most probably as we are trying to find more efficient ways of answering your supplement queries and pointing you to good and TGF safe ones, so I will come back to Christine in a week or two to update you on that.

So far, she has done a superb job with a bumper TGF Supplements Master List update we will have ready shortly for you.

So, Christine all set, I went in search of another person, mainly to be a sort of ‘Person Friday’ to help me do whatever needs to be done in a busy virtual natural medicine business. I wanted someone au fait with natural medicine, preferably nutrition with psychology and test experience especially and, happily, fell upon Victoria Fenton. Of course, I then set out to charm browbeat her into helping us out.

  Victoria is less photo-shy and here she is, looking very relaxed (obviously before she started working with me..).

In fact, Victoria has taken on two roles for us. She has indeed already become indispensable as my Person Friday as I screech ‘find this test for me, answer this email, send these results, sort out my email system, set me up a shared drive’ and a lot more besides in the two weeks she has been part of Purehealth! I bet it feels like a lifetime already for her.

Victoria will be responsible for day to day admin enquiries – although I will remain the person who helps direct people to next steps, ways forward etc as before. As ‘test facilitator’ person, she will be placing your test orders, dealing with yours and the lab’s questions and sending your results out for me.

This leaves me much more free to think, write resources, research tests, conditions, blog, communicate and do the Support Calls rather than juggle all that – badly – with the day to day admin.

On top of all that, she is also on the referral team as our day to day main Purehealth nutritionist. She is a member of the IFM (Institute of Functional Medicine) and has decided to go full-time in practice to help us out. I will refer you to her if you have questions on following one of the Purehealth plans or protocols, need help explaining your test results a bit more etc. I will still be doing the ‘big picture’ Support Calls whereas Victoria – and some others to come, but mainly V, will be doing your day-to-day support.

I hope that makes some sense. We are making it up really as we go along but you can see the Support options set out here now for when you need us.

support icon

and Victoria’s clinic page on the shop here:

Phew. Some more new people to add on shortly once Victoria and I are all set up. Getting there. Hope it helps 🙂

Busy-bee Micki x

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