Kamran Rostami NCGS NHS Doctor: Updated Details

Dr Rostami has now moved from Redditch to Milton Keynes hospital. I have the new secretary emails for appointments if you need them, just ask.


Just re-posting this older post for you as I have updated it to reflect that Dr Rostami is now working out of Alexandra Hospital in Redditch, Midlands, UK. I have now got his contact details and email address for appointments should you need it. Here you go…

You will no doubt recall our excitement at seeing consultant physician Dr Kamran Rostami writing about Non-Coeliac Gluten Sensitivity in the BMJ recently, urging his colleagues to recognise this important and vastly under-diagnosed gluten illness.

Well, since then, I have been intermittently email chatting with Dr Rostami and he has been truly helpful, even offering to set up a regular clinic here so he can see you. I’ve not got that one organised – I simply don’t have the ability or facilities to get that done yet (but I will!). Instead, he says he is more than happy to see NHS referral…

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