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blog iconTo start with, I wanted to advise you of a weeny name change you’ll notice on here from now on. I realised I still had the original mickirose.wordpress.com name from when I set this blog up over 10 years ago now, would you believe?! I was not so tech-savvy then, clearly.

Anyway, it is now mickirose.com but to make things easy, it won’t matter if you put in the old name or follow an old link, it will just go to the new name, hoorah!

Welcome mickirose.com. Here’s to another decade of posts!

For interest, so far, I have written:

  • 993 posts for 1824 special followers who get everything I write, thank you – obviously very discerning people…
  • There have been over 125,000 unique views from 47,000 visitors, most of whom find me on search engines or come via Facebook or the Purehealth site. You live mostly in the UK, but lots of you come, in descending order, from the US, Australia, Canada, India and then Europe.
  • 2012 was the busiest year so far; it’s dropped a bit since the heyday because I started http://www.trulyglutenfree.co.uk as a separate blog to hive off all the work I am doing on grain free and barrier healing protocols for non-healing coeliacs and chronic multiple sensitivity sufferers. In fact, the TGF blog is about 3 times as busy with visitors as this one now!
  • On this blog, you most like reading about Arsenic in Rice Milk and Flaky, Peeling Fingernails! Who knew?!

Whilst I was doing this, I thought I’d look at the TGF blog too for fun. On that, I have written:

  • 604 posts for 1360 special VIP and equally discerning followers.
  • There have been a whopping 470,000+ unique views from over 251,000 visitors, most of whom come from the US and UK, finding me on search engines.
  • 2013 was the busiest year when I wrote a lot of the posts and launched the Gluten Plan. On this blog, you are mostly interested in finding out how long it takes to get gluten out of your system and what to do to get well, which is precisely why I wrote the Gluten Plan for you!

So, there you go. I have written a total of 1600 posts, which almost 300,000 of you have looked at by visiting one of the blogs over 595,000 times. Phew, I guess that officially makes me a blogger! I know it’s probably small fry to many bloggers, but this is an extra to my clinic work, of course, and I prefer to have quality followers who love what I write and actually use the information than have massive lists of followers just to make the numbers look good. I’m actually quite proud of my little blogs now I think of it!

Onward to post number 1601 (that’s this one!)..I hope you’re finding them useful, enjoyable and inspiring. Do tell me if you want more or less of anything specific; I write it for you, y’know.. x

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