Is Your Meat Really Grass Fed?

I am forever saying make sure you eat grass-fed meat rather than grain-fed, not least because of the need for the super-sensitives among us to avoid grain-fed meat, but also because it simply has a better nutritional profile by far, especially when it comes to fatty acids.

The problem has always been, though, how to find grass-fed meat and, even more confusingly, how to ensure it actually is grass-fed and not ‘finished’ or ‘over-Wintered’ on grain feed. Most people shopping for meat have no clue what a minefield this is, and might not actually care that much, thinking that if cows are fed on grass some of the time that has to be better anyway.

So, I was intrigued to read this article from Caroline of Primal Meats where she states:

An Australian study… showed that all the previously gained omega-3 and CLA of grass-fed beef was destroyed in just 80 days of grain feeding to the degree that it no longer qualified as being a meaningful dietary source…

In other words, finishing livestock with grain feed negates the benefits of the previous grass feeding. Oops.

Like many, before I looked into this, I just assumed all cows were grass-fed because we see them roaming around pastureland all the time. In fact, as Caroline says:

In the UK we have a wide diversity of livestock farms who have a wide range of rearing systems. To say that all UK meat is grass-fed is a bit like saying ‘all people in the UK live in pretty white cottages in the country!’.

That made me laugh. It’s so true. Anyway, to find out more about the grass-fed meat issue and why it is better for you, do read the full piece:

Is UK Meat Grass-Fed?

And to buy actual grass-fed meat, of course go to Primal Meats. I’ve also pinned them on the TGF Food Suppliers Pinterest board for you:

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