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checklist iconJust a quick note to let you know that I have today succumbed to pressure and added a new Advice Report onto the shop for you!

Many of you have said you miss the Review Report I used to do. In truth, I stopped doing them simply because they were taking me so long to do. However, I know you want them back, so today I have decided to just accept they take me about a day to do and charge accordingly. So, for those of you who need me to ‘think’ for you, it’s back but, this time, I can spend a day on it for you without worrying!

As I say below, my skill really is as a natural health consultant and researcher, so that’s what this report allows me to do for you.

The Test Report is still available for you if you need explanation and help with test results done by me or elsewhere. Again, I have had to put this up a bit because the average one takes me about 2 hours and I really don’t want to be rushing it.

Here’s the blurb for you on both tests but click through to read more:

Test Report

After you have received your test results (from me or elsewhere), you may wish to have some feedback on what they mean and what you could do about it. This report will give you a description of the results and make suggestions to address any issues. You can order this at the same time as your tests or anytime afterwards.

You will get a brief idea of what I think your test results mean and what to do next in the email I send with your results. This report is if you need more help after that.

Advice Report

Many of you ask for help on where to go next with your healing journey, or want to know what I think about x, y or z. I give an awful lot of free advice, but sometimes you need me to sit and think for you, or to come up with an alternative strategy for something. That’s what this report is for.

In essence, I will use my knowledge and experience to try and put some of the jigsaw pieces together for you if that’s what you need. This is not about number of words or length of report etc; it is expertise and thinking time you’re paying for here really.

Sometimes, I have to be honest, I long to spend a day thinking about an email question you’ve asked me about – to think about it properly, if you know what I mean, rather than try and fit it in around other stuff quickly – so that’s why I am putting this report on now in case you long for me to do that too! My skill is mostly as a natural health consultant and researcher and this report allows me to do that for you.

So, there you go. Hope they help 🙂

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