New Shop Launched – Yay!

shop iconWoo-hoo, I have launched the new shop – admittedly, a couple of weeks ago now – but I wanted to make sure it all worked OK before announcing it!

The lovely server company of the old shop generously gave us all a free upgrade, but it meant all the old links and loads of other stuff would just disappear into thin air, great! I had been meaning to upgrade to a more modern, faster site for ages so this rather forced me into it and I spent the whole of Easter building the sparkly new one for you. I hope you like it.

You can always find the shop now on the clinic website at, which makes a lot more sense. It will shortly also be on Facebook etc as it is a cloud shop via Ecwid, so I can stick it anywhere. Anyone going to an old page or link, will automatically be re-directed to the new shop.

test icon Tests

On the new shop, you will see I have streamlined the tests – we had far too many before!

I spent ages choosing tests, developing categories to make sense of them and then writing an Overview for each type of test to help guide you. For example, we have Hormone Tests, Gut Tests, Gluten Tests, Allergy Tests, Nutrient Tests, Specific Condition Tests (eg. cardio, diabetes, osteoporosis etc), Metabolic Tests, Neurotransmitter Tests and more.

Each has resources and links to all the tests recommended so you can see the lab’s most up to date test instructions and sample reports etc. I decided to link to their sites because they are always changing and this saves me making changes to the website all the time. Where the info doesn’t exist on a website, I’ve done Dropbox download for you cos I’m good like that…

Anyway, have a browse. I have much more to do – all the links in the resources will have to be updated as I go along, but you can order whatever you need now and I am quite pleased with how it all works actually! If something is not on there, just ask – I have deliberately kept things down a bit to avoid confusion but I can still do pretty much any test you like.

book icon Ebooks & Plans

Three sections here – the standard Purehealth Plans including the ever-popular Adrenal Plan and Candida Plans, all the TrulyGlutenFree (grain and dairy free) plans are in one section for you – including the latest 200-odd page Gluten Plan and…

…there is a whole Freebies section for you!

FAQ icon FAQ

Finally, don’t forget to read the FAQ for how everything works – the £0.00 test are not free – wouldn’t that be nice! – but it means you pay the lab when you return your samples – which saves me a shed-load of admin time 🙂

Ok, go and have a look – I hope you like it and find what you need. Email me with any comments/thoughts/praise ;). Meantime, I will go and collapse in a big heap..

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