Free 8 Week Happiness Course

Just saw this and thought of you. (I sound like a Royal Mail advert ;)). Deepak Chopra, my fave as you know by now. Might be worth signing up if you are following the healing series with me..

Awaken to Happiness – An 8 – Week Program for Getting Back to Bliss

Are you ready to return to your natural state of bliss? We invite you to join thousands around the world who have already said yes to happiness and sign up for this free online journey. You’ll enjoy interactive sessions, exclusive content, guided meditations and much more. What are you waiting for? Get started today!

Each week you will receive a new lesson with inspiration, exercises, and guidance to help you tap into your own inner source of happiness.

Here is the pathway we will be exploring:

Week 1:  The True Source of Happiness
Week 2:   Tune into Your Body’s Wisdom
Week 3:   Discover Your Absolute Worth
Week 4    Detoxify Your Life
Week 5:   Create a Soulful Community
Week 6:   Cultivate the Gifts of Mindfulness
Week 7:   Find Your True Life’s Purpose
Week 8:   Celebrate!

The Happiness Series includes guided meditations, special videos, and other interactive material that you can immediately use to experience the expansion of happiness in your life.

Hope it helps..

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