Lady Garden Product Review!

CM_logo I had to share this very funny review of ‘feminine hygiene’ products with you from our friends at Skinsmatter today as I hooted at it over my morning melons (ooer missus)! Truthfully, that is actually what I had for breakfast!

I have to say I really don’t agree with the assertion that women have to somehow keep everything germ-free and fragranced ‘down there’ as if it is somehow ‘dirty’. I regularly shout at feminine hygiene product TV ads, to be honest, and I did gurn a bit at this too. I prefer the term ‘intimate toiletries’ or ‘lady garden products’ or something; I think it’s the word ‘hygiene’ that gets me. That said, there is some useful info here for you if you need such things. I do agree that the best ‘itch’ product we had in the dispensary years ago was indeed the Topida that Hazel mentions.

Aside: as I was writing this, P reminded me of a funny joke that fits in quite nicely here:

Lady is due to go for a smear test. Realises she didn’t have a shower this morning so goes to the bathroom, picks up a spray from the cabinet and gives herself a good spritz with it. Later, the doctor does her test and, afterwards, says; “very nice but you don’t have to go to so much trouble for me , you know.” The lady looked at him perplexed and left. At home, she had a peek and realised she had used glitter spray!

Ha ha ha. I like that one; could be a whole new market there!

Anyway, if you would like a laugh and some info on good lady garden products, do have a read of the Skinsmatter piece. All we need now is a natural glitter spray…


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  1. This is hilarious. Thanks for sharing Micki but I’m with you on this one, I have very sensitive skin, and whilst I do use some of those products, the Natracare and Silk Lubricant (no need to go any further there) the ‘hygiene’ products really make me angry. If you are clean and wash regularly, unless you have a medical condition, your ‘lady garden’ should not smell. I have had horrendous reactions from just using any soap ‘down there’ and fragranced products, wipes or sprays or even loo roll would be suicide for me. Just plain old water keeps my lady parts clean and fresh… er herm

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