Women Smokers: Stop Before Middle Age!

Great piece in The Lancet for you today showing that if women stop smoking before they hit middle-age, preferably well before, they can reverse 97% of the damage done and live another 10 years on average! The researchers did a prospective study on well over a million women and concluded:

Although the hazards of smoking until age 40 years and then stopping are substantial, the hazards of continuing are ten times greater.

Stopping before age 40 years (and preferably well before age 40 years) avoids more than 90% of the excess mortality caused by continuing smoking; stopping before age 30 years avoids more than 97% of it.

That’s huge. Have you stopped yet?!

Have a read:

The 21st century hazards of smoking and benefits of stopping: a prospective study of one million women in the UK.

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