Ginger As Effective For Migraine

As a sufferer of migraine, I am always on the look-out for what can help, especially since I can’t tolerate any drugs! So, I was pleased to see this study suggesting that ginger powder was equally effective as a usual triptan medicine. Have a read:

Comparison between the efficacy of ginger and sumatriptan in the ablative treatment of the common migraine.

I can’t access the full text of the study so can’t see how much they used – anyone? However, in my references, I found this:

Fresh ginger (dosage approximately 10 g per day [1/4-inch slice]) and ginger extracts standardized to contain 20% of gingerol and shogaol (dosage 100-200 mg three times per day) may be the most effective as the most active anti-inflammatory components of ginger are found in these preparations.

In terms of products to match that, Lamberts do a standardised to 24% gingerol product and they say to equal the advice above, you would need to take  3 per day, although they do advise 1 per day unless advised to take more.

For those who need a TGF product, Higher Nature do this one, standardised to only 5% gingerols though so you would need to take quite a bit to get the same level (more label etc info here).

 Or go for the 1/4 inch slice, of course! here’s a good ginger tea recipe for you – it can act as a base for adding lots of wonderful things, as you can see.

Here’s to migraine-free lives!

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