Weight Loss Volunteers Needed

Do you live in Cheltenham, Kings Lynn, Sale or Sligo? Do you have at least 10lb to lose? Have you felt fatigued for at least a year? Can you attend a weekly class for 4 weeks?

If so, your luck is in. Patrick Holford is looking for volunteers to take part in a Zest For Life programme for free! You know I rate Patrick’s diets as they are low GL, lowish carb, highish protein, much the same as my Belly Fat Plan in the 4 Step Weight Loss Programme I invented. Go for it if you are nearby, and good luck!

Here’s the info…


Zest4life are looking for volunteers to attend a FREE 4 WEEK TRIAL to lose weight and improve energy.
You will be following my low GL weight loss programme and will receive motivational weight loss coaching. The results will be used as part of an international study on weight loss, energy improvement and motivation.

In order to qualify for this trial you will need to:

  • Have a minimum of 10 lbs excess weight to lose
    • Have an interest in improving nutrition to benefit health
    • Have experienced significantly reduced energy levels for at least one year
    • Be prepared to commit to attending a 4 week group programme consisting of one session per week
The FREE zest4life 4 week trial for health and weight loss is running in August/September/October in the following locations:-
ENGLAND – Cheltenham, Kings Lynn and Sale, nr Manchester.

EIRE – Sligo

If you, or anyone you know, would like to apply, please email zest4life now at: enquiries@zest4life.com

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