A Day In The Life of a Food Intolerant

One of our very own TrulyGlutenFree family members (and a prolific, well-known author to boot; we move in exalted company, y’know) has written a lovely piece on living with food issues, which many of you will no doubt emphathise with.

Have a read:

Living with food sensitivities – by Anna Jacobs

Actually, it reminded me of a rather tongue in cheek piece I wrote for FoodsMatter back in 2009, would you believe. Although, for some reason it is by-lined by Nikki! Was me, promise.

Diary of a Food Intolerant

I was hoping it might become a regular humorous column as that’s my natural style of writing. You have NO idea how much I have to suppress myself on here 😉

Enjoy anyway.

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  1. Having just read this piece I can completely empathise with thevauthor but I have to disagree with most of her comments about Australia! She struggled to find a gluten free pub or somewhere decent or safe to eat in oz? Unless she was living in the outback I find it very hard to believe. Having lived in both oz and England and struggled with being non coeliac maize and gluten sensitive like her I do believe I’m in a position to comment. The gluten free isles in supermarkets in both UK and Australia are pretty comparable in my opinion too. Just my view!

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