“An Absolute Godsend!” And Other Lovely Comments on the Gluten Plan..

Gluten Plan 3DSuch lovely comments coming in on the Gluten Plan now people have had chance to read and implement the epic new info! Here are a couple for you. Warms the cockles of my heart 🙂

The Gluten Plan is an absolute godsend! If you have, or suspect you have, some kind of Gluten Related Disorder such as Coeliac Disease or Non-Coeliac Gluten Sensitivity then this is your go-to self-help manual on how to heal the damage that has been done to your body from years of exposure.

As another reviewer mentioned, Micki Rose is the UK expert on gluten related problems and she has many years of experience in this field of study. The Gluten Plan clearly explains, in an easy to understand format, all the latest research undertaken by world leaders in gluten research. Micki will guide you through the science and will help you to determine what dietary level of healing is required depending on your needs. The Plan includes information about appropriate testing (which is very helpful but not essential) and provides information on Truly Gluten Free supplements which can be used as part of her healing protocol. There is also a troubleshooting section which helps you to identify possible blocks to healing.

The Gluten Plan shows you what foods can be incorporated in your recovery plan and provides links to personally recommended recipe books to help you on your way. And if that’s not enough Micki also has a wonderful support group on Facebook and a website where you can get masses of additional information. I really can’t recommend The Gluten Plan highly enough; it’s helped me so much and is worth every penny. P June 14

Very valuable resource, ahead of its time with the general public. It was like reading the story of my life. Well done, Michaela! A July 14

I wanted to write and congratulate you on your wonderful work ‘the gluten plan’. I think your ideas are spot on and I am still following the routine religiously. I have not felt this well since I was a small girl…..and I mean this. My sleep, my energy, my mind are all working better than I ever dared imagine and I am well on the way to a full recovery from all my neurological symptoms. I cope with stress better than I ever have done.  It is all a sacrifice, but it is more than worth that sacrifice given how I feel. I love my diet now and would never go back despite not eating out and being like a snail, carrying my food on my back with me wherever I go.  Your latest paper covers all the areas I have also studied and I think you have put it together beautifully. I just hope that others listen to your wisdom! P July 14

How lovely! You can read more reviews and comments here too. Have you read it; what did you think? Do let me know and write a review of your own on the Review page if you like.

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