Epigenetics: 1 Genetics: 0


Faulty genes that increase the chances of cancer can be ‘overwritten’ by diet and environmental changes.  This means that your DNA doesn’t have to be a death sentence.

Researchers at the Institute for Medical Research in Belgrade, Serbia, say that genetics is trumped by epigenetics, which involves outside influences that can rewrite DNA coding.    Diet and especially bio-active foods are a very important influence and environmental factors.  More research is needed to work out dosages of bioactive foods that can contribute to cancer prevention and treatment.

This is not new news, I know,and I have been wittering on about switching genes on and off for months now. I pass it on though as a reminder and because it is good news for anyone with genetic illness, including those with the gluten genes! The Gluten Plan is basically epigenetics in practice 🙂

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  1. Yippy ahh yea Hooray!! Thank you Micki! I am 3.5 years now grain free on Micki’s barrier plan! The positive physical results from following Micki’s B. Plan has helped my awareness in what I feed to my spiritual/ emotional nutrition. I am feeling my genes transforming as I am also doing the spiritual work, like forgiveness, letting go of resentments & personal boundary work, catching my negative self talk & transforming it to positive self talk, & being aware of the ” false stories” I tell my self. I feel so full of hope & very liberated when reading/ learning more on my Epigenetics!!

  2. Have you heard of Trevor Marshall and the Marshall Protocol? Marshall thinks that most chronic illnesses are caused by out of control TH1 bacterial infections in which the disease organisms do a lot of DNA swapping with each other and their host. One of the MP patients reports testing positive for celiac disease, but after the MP treatment testing negative! Did better health allow his body to repair and better resist further swapping? Or was the celiac disease an epigenetic condition which was healed?

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