Suffering Symptoms From Airborne Gluten

I am asked this a lot: can you get glutened from inhaling stuff? I have personal experience of this and have seen it many times. And it seems I am not alone – see Jane Anderson’s take on it here in her article.

Suffering Symptoms From Airborne Gluten.

The story about the farmers really brings it home but it doesn’t have to be that much inhalation to continue symptoms.

In fact, I have personal experience of this very problem. After no migraines for almost 3 months (yay!!!), they came back with a vengeance when we had builders in recently to knock a wall down. After 4 years struggling with a tiny kitchen and cooking in tandem – because I react when inhaling P’s pasta or rice steam, no less – we are extending the kitchen and putting a strong extractor fan in. The things we have to do!

Anyway, I think I must have reacted to the stuff being used, the plaster, brick dust or whatever and back they came with 3 migraines back to back. Not pleasant, I can tell you, especially with banging and hammering going on all around me and no painkillers to take. I had a whole box of bum bum drugs. Harrumph. the other suspect is the washing up liquid. I usually do the clearing and P does the washing up but I did a lot more when the builders were in. Could I have inhaled something in that maybe? Still working it out.

So, if anyone asks you if you can be affected by inhaling stuff, yes you can. And, as Jane says here, if you are not healing, do look at what you are inhaling day to day. I would add to also look at what you are putting on your skin.



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