The Kind Of Morning I Like!

I’ve had a lovely morning today. Nice emails, success stories and a donation: makes all the work worthwhile when you hear it’s hitting the mark.

First, I helped a lady yesterday with her chronically-poorly daughter just by giving some ideas in an email for her to think about. She replied:

Crumbs. I feel as if I’ve opened a treasure chest of information. Thank you are two words which seem totally inadequate. THANK YOU SO MUCH.  AL June 14

And gave me a £20 donation, which I immediately spent on a thyroid webinar I needed 🙂

A had come to me through a friend of a friend who she said had done really well. Intrigued, of course, I wanted to know more:

My lovely friend L told me how they had had blood tests done through you. A virus had been diagnosed and they had then gone to see an endocrinologist for treatment. K, a keen rock climber who had completely lost all quality of life through his illness is now back …..climbing rocks! AL June 14    

Another story also in emails today from a chap with a teenage son who has been off school for months with chronic fatigue. We tested his nutritional status (he had just had a growth spurt before it came on and I guessed he would be nutrient deficient most likely as there is such a massive need for growth hormone, zinc etc at that growing time) and I suggested a high dose corrective strategy in his test report. I heard this morning, after just 3 weeks, he is back in school 🙂

And a bonus one – the other day I read a review of my new Gluten Plan by C on the Lulu site (where you can buy a printed copy). C said:

This Plan is absolutely brilliant and covers everything required if you suspect you have coeliac disease or a sensitivity to gluten. It is clearly laid out, is bang-up-to-date and makes a very complex subject understandable. It provides full plans on how to test and heal yourself – no matter how far your illness has progressed. I am so glad I bought it as for the first time in years, I have some hope of getting relief from my symptoms.

Aah, I shall sit back and bask for 5 minutes. No longer as I need to keep it up then don’t I?! Thank you all for your comments; they do keep me going and give me a song in my heart 🙂


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