Ta-Dah – TGF Website Updated!

I have now completed the re-write and updating of the TrulyGlutenFree website so do go and have a gander when you get a mo. The style is a la Purehealth so it looks a bit more designed.

I had to re-jig it all to fit in with the new Gluten Plan and have added introductions to each of the three steps: Gluten Testing, Gluten Diet and Gluten Healing, all of which are packed with practical info that should help. Much more of course in the 280 page Gluten Plan, which has, of course, a dedicated page of its own with Reviews etc underneath.

I’ve also added some useful (I hope!) pages like Having Tests Done, TGF Books, TGF Resources, Suppliers and links to the shop and Purehealth site for ease. I’ve also – rather cleverly, though I say so myself – added the relevant posts to each of the three steps so you’ll find all the testing posts in one place, all the motivational ones in another, stuff about supplements in one section, but the whole blog with over 500 posts now (!) is still there and searchable for whatever you want.

And, at last, you will be pleased to see I have put up a new photo instead of the black and white one from 10 years ago. Hooray!

Anyway, hope you like it. Let me know.


4 Replies to “Ta-Dah – TGF Website Updated!”

  1. Love the new Gluten Plan. So well researched and up to the minute. The cross reactivity section is particularly helpful as I exclude all the foods which are causing a reaction. I am currently awaiting investigations for neurological manifestations, and am hoping to get a definitive diagnosis ultimately. What I am wondering is – is there any way to differentiate between MS and NCGD before I have undergone all the tests? The waiting list is sooo long! Anyway, I feel I am being pro active in treating what ever it is using your guidelines, and it does seem to be helping. Irene

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!! AND you have got a new picture – a lovely one!!! Even more congratulations. Mammoth task and I have not even looked at it yet! Promise we will – we can give it a write up in newsletter etc. Get back to you…….


    Michelle Berriedale-Johnson

    Editor – foodsmatter websites 5 Lawn Road, London NW3 2XS 020 7722 2866


    1. Ah, thank you. I know you are all knee-deep in awards stuff and FF catering! I hope you like it, and the new site. Onto the next programme now!

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