New Konjac Pasta and Rice

Saw this in the FoodsMatter newsletter this weekend – new grain free konjac fibre pasta and rice for you, yay 🙂

slendier-fettuccineFM reviewed them and gave them the thumbs up, which is good enough for me – I haven’t tried them personally.

You can read all about Konjac on the Slendia site here. Basically, Konjac is a fibrous root vegetable used a lot in Asia. It is very low carb and retains some soluble fibre. It is the same as the better-known Japanese Shiratake noodles but this is a more  ‘Westernised’ recipe they say. The only experience I have with Konjac is its use for diabetes support: I have had several patients over the years on it to help keep blood sugars controlled after eating. And it works. However, that is in supplement form and a lot stronger. Konjac contains a lot of glucomannan, which interestingly is also very high in aloe vera and is part of what makes aloe so good for your gut.

I doubt this would taste of much, it has no real sustenance value so I wouldn’t rely on having it a lot and it is a processed food, of course, but it is a nice option that is grain-free and suits our needs for a change. The firming agent, calcium hydroxide, is TGF too.

There are quite a few varieties coming out of this type of noodle so do look for other types if you don’t have a Waitrose near you for these ones. And do check out FM’s tasting notes – they were nicer than FM were expecting!


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  1. Thanks Micki, might just give them a go, noticed you can’t freeze them though so hopefully they have a good date on!

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