The Statins Debate, Again. Sigh…

How many times do we have to see the push for statins, for goodness sake?

Rather than wade in myself this week about the new call for statins to be given to ever more people, I thought I would wait for Dr Briffa’s comment, since it is his hobby-horse. And, here it is, and I agree with him. Again.

The answer is not statins except in a few cases wehre clearly they may do some benefit, but for the vast majority a change in diet and lifestyle is all it would take. We shouldn’t be taken in by the ‘take this pill and all will be solved’ brigade.

It’s about time some people were straight with the statistics on statins

For more on statins, see here, here and here, and if you put ‘statins’ into the search box, even more will come up. .

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