Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2014 – that sounds so futuristic somehow, doesn’t it?

Hope you had a fab festive holiday time and, like me, are rested and raring to go again. I must say I had a lovely break and realised how nice it is to just ‘be’ if you know what I mean.

So, as per my usual habit, I have been thinking about the new year and what to do with all that lovely blank time waiting to be filled. I LOVE new year: such promise and excitement. I am annoying P (who can’t get excited about new year at all???!) and am bouncing about full of resolutions and enthusiasm. Currently he has shut himself in his voiceover booth to hide from me. Oops ;). His loss.

Anyway, here are my musings. First, let’s see what we did last year and then what’s coming up next…

Last Year: Purehealth

Last year, I added another 118 posts onto this blog along with 133 new ones on the TrulyGlutenFree blog – a grand total of 251 posts (even I can do that with my crap maths!) That’s a lot of writing.

Even though I stopped the 1-1 consultations in August, things hardly missed a beat and I chattered away on the new facebook pages, groups and on Twitter. I added tons of recipes to the Pinterest boards, organised an across-the-board 10% discount code for you on supplements and toiletries, set up a new US store for our ever-growing Purehealth family members across the pond and started to update many of the pages on the Purehealth site, the Brain and Cognition page, for example. In fact, I overhauled and upgraded the Purehealth site and the MickiRose and TGF blog sites to make them more professional.

I added several new tests and changed a few I felt had been superceded, I started the process of developing the key ebooks and factsheets into Kindle files so you can read them on your techy stuff, became a freefrom supplements reviewer and was a judge for the Freefrom Foods and Skincare Awards and did loads of research into gluten illness. A LOT of work there and all of it fun!

Personally, health-wise was up and down. The intolerances continued, the migraines halved again and I finally got to buy size 10 jeans :). Lot more work to do there and I will continue to research more on approaches to hyper-sensitivity this year, not least cos I need it!

This Year

I need to continue to build the new cloud shop, update and add more factsheets and pages in the A-Z and I plan to put the relevant test details on each page to make it easier to find what you need. I will continue to get the books into Kindle epub files and hopefully onto Amazon, although most of you said you liked the PDFs so I have started by redoing all the covers and editing those files for you.

I have updated the free Purehealth Wellbeing Guide and will see if I can include a copy for you in the newsletter tomorrow  as a new year pressie. I want to get the Thyroid, Leaky Gut and Anaemia Plans done and work on subjects like the eminently-preventable Diabetes.

Loads to do and I am looking forward to it. I hope you have a plan in mind – I find it helps to stop me drifting (although of course drifting can be nice sometimes) and I like to look back at these new year posts and see how much I managed to get done!

Have a great start to the new year and here’s to a healthy, happy 2014! Ready, steady, go…


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