Gluten Summit Download Package Now Out

If any of you have missed the free interviews for day one of the Gluten Summit, never fear, they have released a package you can download.

I am determined to listen to as many free as I can but actually I think it will take months to tease out all the info so I will get the transcripts anyway I think. Is certainly worth it for that price – yesterday’s stuff was fascinating, not least the interview with Michael Marsh, the founder of the Marsh coeliac scoring system, which incidentally is still up free for another 24 hours as they cocked up the launch times, so go and listen to it if you can. I could have hugged him for saying we are looking at the wrong markers, going down the wrong research path and ignoring the earlier stages of gluten sensitivity at our peril!

Anyway, here are the details of the package. It is extremely rare to get such a lot of world leaders in a medical subject to talk so candidly about their work and I totally agree with the Summit’s stated aim of trying to bring gluten research forward by several years so we avoid the coeliac recognition and diagnostic feet-dragging we all had to endure in the past.

V excited to listen to Fasano and Ford today. I’m like a little kiddie in a sweet shop 😉

Gluten Summit All-Access Digital Package: $67.00

  • All 29 expert and opinion leader interviews
  • Nearly 30 hours of education
  • Download audio for all interviews
  • Download video slides for all interviews
  • Download PDF of all interview transcripts
  • Plus, FREE Bonus Materials from several Speakers

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  1. Hi, Micki. I’m sure Dr. Marsh would have appreciated the hug as he kept mentioning the fact that the lady next to him frosed when she realized who was sitting next to herself. Like you say marvelous opportunity to listen to & get knowledge. recording are needed as it is so much information at once.
    I’ll contact you again 2 weeks(need to digest info) after that t start my healing program. I’m so much better since I stopped gluten. Thanks and speak to you soon. Jeannie

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