Early Christmas Present: 10% Discount Codes For You!

  Yep, I have organised a 10% loyalty discount code for you to use on any Natural Dispensary or Nutricentre purchase! I was going to keep it as a new year pressie for you but I know every little saving counts at this time of year so here they are as a pre-Christmas pressie instead 🙂

It is a small thank you from me for being part of our Purehealth family. Click to get your codes and see the newly updated Suppliers section.

There, you will now find trusted products that we have used in-clinic and recommend. I have set up five sections for you:

  • Good Food Suppliers
  • Trusted Supplement Suppliers
  • Best Health Books
  • Non-Toxic Toiletries and
  • Other Eco/Healthy Living Stuff We Like (catchy, huh?)


I’ve still got some way to go on the last one as I am about to add a couple of other eco companies on there. Plus, I should shortly have a place for our US and Canadian readers (of whom we have many, thank you) to get their supplements more easily in the US. I’m just trying to get a 10% discount code sorted for you too.

Adrenal Plan cover  Once I’ve done that, I will be updating the existing ebooks – you’ll see I have done some of the covers already – and adding them onto the new shop system. The existing shop is OK but about 1 in 10 have a problem downloading for some reason so I am sorting that out first. Next will be the new test info pages and FAQ. I have already started with thyroid and gut tests so those will come out first.

Busy bee, and you thought I was stopping to have a rest! Go and have a look at the new Suppliers section then and avail yourself of some savings. Thank you for being part of our Purehealth (and TGF!) family.

Oh, and let me know: do you like the new look?


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