How To Follow, Ask Questions, Comment and Chat with TrulyGlutenFree

As promised, in my last couple of posts, I have been thinking of the best ways for us to stay in touch now I am scaling back the 1-1 stuff. Here’s what I’ve set up for us. First, I asked you what you wanted and..

Survey said…

Quite a few of you said you liked the idea of a forum but just as many warned me not to start off with one if I wanted a life! I thank you for that – I was off again there, being too helpful again, wasn’t I? What would I do without you lot to look after me?!

It seems many people like the existing comments system, others want to group-chat, a few enjoy tweeting and quite a lot of you like Facebook for ease as you’re on it a lot 😉

A couple of you suggested Yahoo groups, which seem to have a better search facility than Facebook, but I found it very difficult to join a group or set one up for some reason so lost my temper with it. I trialled a private forum but realised that everyone was right and it would turn into a workhorse (is that right?!!) unless I had a load of admins to help out. Might be something for the future maybe.

In my head, I was trying to remember: “Keep It Simple, Stupid“. After annoying myself by calling myself stupid repeatedly, I decided to give us a mixture of ways to keep in touch, use what already works and is simplest for you and me.

How To Follow, Chat and Comment


In essence, you can get blog posts by email, as a feed to your favourite reader, via Twitter or by liking the new TrulyGlutenFree Facebook page I have set up. You can also get the TGF recipes on Pinterest. See all the links in the right hand column to set up any of these things – ask me if you’re stuck.


You can comment on the blog posts in all those places and subscribe to comments on here or as a feed so you don’t miss out on what other people are saying. You will now also be able to comment on the various pages and sections on the Purehealth site (or you will shortly when I’ve added them to every page..!)


To chat with others generally, you can join the new Trulyglutenfree Facebook Group. This is an open group for now so I don’t have to physically add every one of you (there are over 600 of you currently) but we may close it to make it exclusively TGF-y later on, so

please do join now before it closes and come and chat there.

This is a searchable site so should eventually build into a nice resource area for you. The idea is to create a knowledge-sharing, non-judgemental environment with info we can trust. I will also be doing Live Q&A events there so make sure you have joined if you want to take part in those.

NB: If you are new to Facebook, like me, I found this excellent free Facebook 101 that is really easy to follow and will help you.

Bear in mind that the group is open currently so everyone can see posts. Once we have you all on there, we will close it and then only members can see posts. 

Anyway, hope that all makes sense. I’m sure it will evolve as I learn more and those of you in the know help me along! Choose whichever way to stay in touch that suits you. I will try my best to facebook, tweet and chat with you – please help by doing the same.

What fun! See you on the other side 🙂

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    1. Somehow I don’t think so ;). But, at least the option is there now and I can also say “ask the group!” Hope to see you on there – we need you!

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