Clinic Changes: Please Read…

I’ll say it quick so it’s like ripping a plaster off: from immediate effect, I am going to stop doing the 1-1 consultation work and case reports! Aargh…


It’s simple maths: there is only one of me and thousands of you and I simply can’t keep up with everything. I have to make some choices. Currently, I get almost 200 emails a day, do the tests, reports, case reviews, the massive amount of work those generate, spend much of my time researching, then writing blog posts (that last one took me just over 4 hours to read, digest and write-up, for example), articles, resources, ebooks etc etc etc. Phew, I am exhausted just reading that list, let alone doing it all! Let’s face it, I will be no good to any of you in a heap on the floor 😉

‘Tis my own fault. Most people who author a book don’t say “here’s my email if you need me;” they’d be inundated.This will be the third time I have tried to cut the work down and it always creeps back up. Lovely compliment, thank you, but I clearly am too soft to just do ‘a bit’. The bit always grows as I can’t help helping! It basically means I am surrounded by tons of things to research, write and do but they sit there and sit there and sit there, staring at me accusingly.

So, things have gotta change and I will need to be tougher with myself. Being totally honest, P has been nagging me to lower my workload and stress levels for some time: he’s worried about me, bless him. And, I have to say, for the first time in ages, I do actually feel overwhelmed by it all. I have a massive capacity for work but it’s even beaten me! Plus, of course, I want to get well and excess stress just is not going to help, as you all can relate.

So, what can we do?

Honestly, I have no idea yet. I’m terrified of how I will pay my bills – I’m the main breadwinner and the vast majority of my income comes from 1-1 work. But, I have always believed that, if what you are doing is helping people, things have a way of working themselves out. Ever the optimist ;). I may come screaming back looking like a hobo, having dined on cat food for a month.

No more 1-1 

Clearly, I can’t continue to do everything. I don’t want to take on staff with premises again really because I would then still not have time to do the TGF and other work; I’d be managing a clinic, staff, therapists, mentoring, admin etc again (which I loved, actually, so I have toyed with the idea more than a little; perhaps later on when all the resources are done and TGF systems battoned down). So, after 14 years of full time practice, I am hanging up the 1-1 consultation hat in a bid to, as they say: ‘work smarter’.

It’s the 1-1 work, now that cases are much more complex, that really takes the time. There is a HUGE amount of work that you don’t see (quite rightly) that goes on behind the scenes before I answer one of your emails/respond to a call/see you. I have to read previous correspondence, look at test results, put you into context, consider your questions – and there are usually a lot of them 😉 – and then consider the reply in your specific type of case, write the response, add any links to resources, check it for safety, accuracy etc etc etc.

After that, I have to file the response so I can find it again and add any notes to remind me of what I was thinking in your case. I do charge for some of that time, but I never get chance to do anything else. That’s why it has to be the 1-1 work. I think, realistically, it is a choice between doing all consultation work or none at all. I’ve tried it the first way. I’ve tried doing a bit and cutting down. It hasn’t worked, so now I’m trying none. Gulp.

Anyway, many people are coming to the realisation that traditional so-called ‘Bums on Seats’ clinics are not a very smart way to work. There are only so many ‘bums’ you can, er, fit in, and we should be hitting many more people with targetted information and encouraging self-help. Anyway, if you do want 1-1 help, there are plenty of people you can go and see. Just not me, for now.

I’m not saying it’s forever; I may miss you and fling myself weeping and lonely back into consultation work in future, but, for now, I am going to concentrate on research, spreading the TGF word and the provision of the resources we all need to get well.

Helping each other…

Happily, there are quite a few of you well-versed in TGF world now and we can all help each other out. So, I think the best route for now is to set up a TGF facebook group or forum and I will act as moderator as and when I can. I may also hold some online Support Days, Blog Q&As or physical events (the meetings we wanted ages ago; no time!) on an ad hoc basis; we’ll see how it pans out. I’m not going to completely disappear!

TGF Resources…

Essentially, you have most of what you need to get well in the TGF ebook, over 450 blog posts, the site pages, the Barrier Plan, Candida Plan, resources like the GFS/SCD, forums, books etc etc on the TGF Resources page (which I have been building up for you in readiness).

I will keep producing stuff I think might be helpful for us, not least the blog posts, TGF Toiletries list, the TGF Food Prescription, the Homeopathic TGF Prescription, and the Barrier Plan/TGF Updates as research comes out.  

I will also continue to run the testing service.

Other nutritionists…

In terms of other people to see, I will try and recommend people for you if I come across any I think are particularly good at a specific subject and list them for you. Otherwise, you can find people at (general, biggest body, all types of nutritionist) or, where you will find naturopathic nutritionists, like me, or functional medicine practitioners at In reality, I am a sort of mix between naturopathy and functional; a naturopathic nutritionist (all about the gut, detox, re-establishing equilibrium) but using functional testing to help target that.

What I am hoping is that, eventually, when the TGF systems are all done, I can train a mini band of TGF practitioners who will then be available. To do that, though, I have to have time to get the systems right. Hence this clinic change.

That’s all I have worked out for now! If you have any ideas or advice, very welcome! Meantime, I am sorry if this inconveniences anyone – it’s for the greater good of all of us and me, of course! – and please help each other out in comments/the forums etc as and when I launch them. I’m sorry it’s a bit sudden. I will finish what I have in my inbox and then start the new approach from then.

Thanks for your understanding, friendship and support. To the next clinic era…fewer bums but more of you helped!

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  1. Hi Micki,

    Sad news for all of us out here, but great news for you. Karen and I have asked ourselves a few times over the years how you could cope, and well, with the massive workload you have. Devoting more time to research still means helping us all, as your findings, and resulting papers/advice, will surely be of great benefit for our gluten-sensitive community.

    All the best


    1. Ah, thanks Roberto. Must admit to getting up this morning with a sense of relief! But, see, I am still here; not gone too far! Thanks for your kind words; they mean a lot and I have been glad to help, and will continue to, just a bit differently as you say.

  2. Completely understand where you are coming from. The power of the internet as brought people together to realise that so many of their symptoms are gluten/grain, it means the medical world are waking up to the fact that our diet is making us ill (I read recently that as many as 7 in 10 are effected by gluten). Your resources are fantastic and brilliant for so many people searching for help. I can understand your need to get more medical professionals on board, and advocating in change to our modern diet. Keep up the good fight Micki, I’m behind you all the way.

    P.S. Face book page/group is a brilliant idea!! If I can help with that let me know.

  3. I completely understand where you are coming from. The power of the internet has brought so many people together in the search for answers to their symptoms. This has brought so many of us to your doorstep. I am very grateful for the resources and help that you offered me. I would never have found out what was happening to me without finding you. The endless amount of time you spend campaigning for change and to get medical professionals more aware of the damage gluten/grain can do is fantastic (I read recently that as many as 7 in 10 are affected by gluten sensitivity). I personally think Muesli should come with a Government health warning label, you know like cigarettes do!! We need people like to champion the cause, so if that means 1-1 consultations have to go them I completely understand. I’m right behind you…. (so to speak!).

    P.S. I think the TGF Facebook page/group is a great idea. If I can help with that please let me know.

    1. Ah, thanks Clare, so nice to have support this morning. I went to bed feeling a bit rotten but woke up feeling relieved and brighter – all the messages of support and understanding I have received have really helped :). Thank you for your lovely comments too. I sort of feel a duty to get this right and out there and, as much as I have been trying to ignore the pull, I can’t so I had best get on with it. As a pretty shy person, it’s actually quite hard to stick your neck out! Funny you should say that re FB page – I emailed you yesterday to ask your opinion: forum or FB page? What does anyone else think too? Essentially, we can’t search comments on here – annoyingly – and that’s where a lot of help is so I need to come up with an answer for that. We also need to separate out those on the Barrier Plan and those just needing TGF info. Several FB groups or password-protected forum areas…???

  4. Hi Micki
    Have been wondering when this might happen! Really really don’t blame you – it is SO evident that you work so hard for our benefit. As I’ve said to you before – you need to look after YOU too!!! Afterall, you are a fellow sufferer 🙁 So I am relieved for you 🙂 and say “thumbs up”!
    I too agree that when you make a decision that’s right for you, the rest will work itself out 🙂
    I have been helping Clare with the FB page as I’m sure you know. And I find it really is a big help to so many people. So a TGF FB page would be an effective idea. Even those who don’t particularly like FB must admit it’s power at bringing poeple to the same place. If you need any support, I’m always willing to help too 🙂
    You have been invaluable to me and I have spread the wise words I have learnt far and wide! Your work is far-reaching!
    We all love and support you (no, I swear, once again that I havn’t been on the gin lol! I just AM a soppy shlub) 😀

    Bon continuation, however it pans out!

    Becky x

    1. Well, what can I say except shucks and thank you; I am lucky to have such lovely people as part of my TGF family. And, I will take you up on the FB help then – you have seen how much of a novice I am!

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