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Message and some useful links from Carolyn this morning about GM foods which I thought might be useful to share with you all. This is a truly shocking issue and it seems our Government is hell-bent on easing GM crops through whether we like it or not. Unlike other countries I might add.

Interestingly, just as I was reading Carolyn’s message, I came across a news story where a whole crop of GM food in the US was torched and destroyed by non-GM activists, I assume. There is a lot of worry about GM foods contaminating non-GM crops and actually, as it says in this news story, some countries are already torching their own GM foods because of the cross-contamination worry.

Did you see the story where Poland has banned the use of GM maize, too? Too much evidence suggests the GM crops are affecting the bees’ ability to pollinate and causing colony collapse, so Poland has gone out on a limb and banned it outright. Good for them.

My biggest worry as a severe food sensitivity sufferer, is how will I find suitable foods? It will become like a nasty game of Russian Roulette. Just imagine: I go to eat an apple which has been genetically-modified using a corn protein. My worst allergen is corn and the powers that be state that there is no chance of reaction. Poppycock, I say. It can and does happen – I have already seen it in clinic. Just because it shouldn’t happen on paper (based on the research we currently have), doesn’t mean it can’t.

Escalate that scenario a bit to 20 common foods and add in the cross-pollination problem of GM crops infiltrating other non-GMO crops and we have a problem, Houston. Doesn’t bear thinking about. This is where Carolyn is worrying too, not least about the effect we are starting to see in studies of GM foods on the gut as she talks about below.

I feel like we are in a guinea-pig situation here, much like the electro-sensitivity issues from ubiquitous WiFi and aerials everywhere, as we don’t really know what the consequences will be. I think we should take the example of the French government who recently banned WiFi in schools to protect their children. They have realised our folly on that issue and here we are walking blindly into another one.

Anyway, here’s Carolyn’s message for you:

Is anyone else worried about the prospect of a wider introduction of GM crops into the UK?  And also the fact that most UK supermarkets now cannot guarantee that meat, eggs and dairy are not produced from animals which have not been fed GM foods?  The supermarkets say this is because their suppliers cannot find sufficient supplies of non-GM foods to feed their animals but apparently Germany and France are managing to source non-GMO animal feed without problems.

I have written to my MP as I am really worried about this, especially when the available evidence suggests that GM foods cause increased inflammation in the stomachs of pigs fed on GM feed.  What does it do to human stomachs dare we ask?  Might there be a link with the rise in autism and chronic gut disorders in the US?

Dr O at the GFS recently added his two pennorth on the issue too, I see, and he feels that the evidence that GM foods are linked to persistent leaky gut and food sensitivity, is really stacking up:

Is the Rise of Gluten Sensitivity an Issue of GMO?

The recognition of gluten sensitivity has officially gone mainstream.  The question many scientists and doctors are asking – “Is the rise of gluten sensitivity directly linked to GMO?”  The answer is yes.  Research shows that these products can cause gastrointestinal damage including leaky gut.  When the gut becomes damaged, those with gluten sensitive genes are more susceptible to gluten induced damage.   Additionally, this problem can cause multiple allergies to develop leading to perpetual illness.  Remember that the following foods are the most commonly genetically modified [bear in mind, this is in the US, Ed]:

If we don’t take action now, control over this issue will be lost, and our food supply will be permanently damaged.

Just put ‘leaky gut’ into the GFS blog page and this post should come up.

Here is what Carolyn wrote to her MP, with the links she sent so that her MP could understand the issue fully. You might want to do the same..:

Seriously – please don’t do this to us.  It is already difficult enough for us to find reliably gluten free, GM free food.

The links between GM foods and gut and other auto-immune disorders are extremely suggestive from the attached and please note this is even being raised currently in the European Parliament.

I genuinely believe there will be an explosion in chronic gut disorders and autism if you introduce GM crops more widely here.  The impact on the NHS will be monumental.

Please understand the risk that we may end up beholden to GM with consumers eventually unable to find reliably non GM foods anywhere and people whose systems cannot tolerate them with no alternative.

Please do not let this go through.

I hope they listen..

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