WiFi Banned in French Schools

Excellent news here that I hope our UK Government sits up and takes notice of: the French have demanded much safer Ethernet connections in schools rather than WiFi

‘until it is proven safe for human consumption’.

Absolutely right. They say they have done it to protect schoolchildren and their teachers.

Read more on this – including the difficulty schools are having indemnifying themselves against claims of harm done by WiFi (which I would assume there are bound to be in the future) and the way our Government refuses to support the schools.

I will only have Ethernet in my house. It is safer, faster and more reliable anyway. What have you got…??

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  1. The kids will be able to learn & not be so hyper active! Now for the rest of the world, especially the USA needs to get on board.

    I get anxious, ringing in the ears & irritable with wifi! Hate it!
    I only have wired devices in my apt & lucky my neighbors do not have wi fi!!
    I even have a harmonizer for the emf’s & it makes a huge difference! People notice it is calm, peaceful in my apt due to the safe space devices & harmonizers for all the electromagnetic radiations frequencies! I avoid public places with wi-fi only can handle up to 15 min.

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