Watch Your Iodoral: 12.5mg or 50mg Per Tablet?

For those of you taking Iodoral after iodine loading tests, H has just alerted me to the fact that she has been sent a 50mg per tablet Iodoral instead of the usual 12.5mg per tablet by Natural Dispensary.

I checked and ND only usually sell the 12.5mg one but have been sent some of the higher dosage 50mg ones in error by the manufacturer, it seems. Obviously, I don’t want you taking 4 tablets of 50mg when you should be taking 12.5mg ones so please go and check yours now and ask for a replacement/adjust your dosage down to 1 per day if you have the higher dosage ones in your cupboard.

Just to be sure: normal Iodoral dosage is max 50mg per day, which can be taken as 4 x 12.5mg tablets OR 1 x 50mg. I prefer the 12.5mg ones as it gives you more dosage flexibility.

I am assuming that, if ND plan to sell the 50mg one, there will be two products on the site to order, so please make sure you order the right one but always check your products when they arrive as picking errors are very easily made.

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