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Did you know that you can get access to an online registered GP privately? No, neither did I. All above board, but a paid-for service, you can access the help any time. I thought it might interest any of you who don’t like dealing with your local GP (and I know there are sadly a few of you in that category) or those of you who find it hard to get an appointment to fit around your busy schedules.

I’m not suggesting you use these instead of your GP service, but it might be useful for some of you so I am sharing them just in case. I also wondered if you might be able to use the private pharmacy service below if you need unusual meds. Not sure if they do ‘specials’ as such but if you can get a private prescription (as I did from my dentist for suppository antibiotics), they will dispense them for you I believe, although Sainsbury’s actually got mine in for me, bless ’em.

Thanks Dr Logo 

ThanksDoctor is an online GP service. Here’s how it works:

Post any medical question. Either select a membership package or choose a one off £25 payment.

You will be emailed when one of our doctors has posted your answer. Click on the link back to the site to read your answer.

If you are still unsure on any points, ask the doctor for further clarification and give your feedback when you are satisfied.

Doctor Fox 

Dr Fox is run by a GP and specialises in private prescriptions.

There you go: in case you ever need them. I’m quite tempted to run my own advice service like this, but currently I charge by time taken which is usually a lot cheaper as I can think and type pretty fast 🙂

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