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Carolyn, one of our readers, has decided to do some really useful research about how many people find different dietary and supplementary approaches to be helpful in managing the various gut disorders, and also try to identify the key factors that come together which cause these disorders to arise (over and above just a genetic predisposition of course.)

She asked if I could encourage you to complete the survey as, of course, this is only really meaningful if she can get enough responses. I have done it and will be fascinated to see the results, which she plans to put up on her website for us all to access free.

Here’s her plea:

 Dear all,
I am a coeliac myself who has become very interested in the 8 years since diagnosis in what triggers different gut disorders (over and above genetic predisposition) and what dietary approaches most people find to help in managing them.
If you have any of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Crohn’s Disease, Coeliac Disease, Gluten Intolerance, Diverticulitis or Ulcerative Colitis, please can I ask for a few minutes of your time to fill in a survey researching these areas?  I really hope the results will be interesting and helpful to share between us.  Please click on the link below to go through to the survey (and please note that some of the pages are shorter than others, so you need to scroll up to the top of the page to see the questions on some pages!)
The survey can be done entirely anonymously and its results will be summarised so it will not be possible to identify any individuals of course.  I will be posting the results from April on the website www.gutintelligence.com and they will be free for everyone to read.  I will certainly not be passing the results to anyone and I absolutely don’t represent any kind of company, whether supplement or pharmaceutical etc.  I just believe that we can really help each other.
Please do also forward on to any friends with any of the above gut issues.
Thank you and best wishes!

Please help out if you can. I’ll let you know when the results are out – when Carolyn lets me know!

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