What Do You Look At For #Hair Loss/#Alopecia?

I was only yesterday having a conversation with one of you about the link between hair loss and gluten. Then, along comes a new post from Dr O on the GFS blog on this very subject: Is Gluten Linked To Hair Loss (Alopecia)? Go to the blog here to read the post – use search box if it doesn’t come up.

I had explained that, as far as I was concerned, you needed to look at four main issues when losing hair:

1. Hypothyroid

2. Gluten illness, autoimmune attack on the follicles is a known problem

3. Nutritional deficiency, especially of zinc, Vit C, B vits, particularly biotin

4. Anaemia, especially of iron

Of course, the nutritional deficiency is sometimes secondary to the gluten causing malabsorption so gluten is the key.

Those are the four first things I would investigate from a biochemical point of view first anyway in case they help.

Bonus tip:It can also be hormonal: look at androgen (male hormone) levels, especially of testosterone – to little in men and too much in women.

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