Watch Your Hypoallergenic Labels

Note from C this morning reminded me that ARG are reviewing some of their hypoallergenic labels so this is a warning to keep your eye on your usual products and let me know/check with them if the hypoallergenic label drops off!

The first we know about is Super B Complex which has been found to have tiny traces of dairy in it. Here is what C found out from them:

Recently we conducted an allergen study of some of our products that were marked hypoallergenic. It was found that the Super B had traces of milk beta lactoglobulins. This is very unusual considering the fact that the product is not manufactured with milk and there is no milk in any of the ingredients. The only thing we can come up with is that was from cross contamination during processing. The amount of allergen would be equivalent to 1g of milk protein spread over 10000 bottles.

Clearly a tiny trace, but even so: it means they don’t want to label it as hypoallergenic if there is any doubt at all, which I think is good of them even though it makes our lives that bit harder as usual.

I have updated the Supplement Report 2 list which contains all the TGF safe supplements. I am planning a new supplement report soon too so we can list other products we have found safe over the past year and I can update you on some of the issues. But I have a ton to do before that so bear with me.

Thanks to C for her vigilance and sharing her findings with us. We have to be SO on the ball, don’t we?

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  1. Hi Glutenaughts,

    B-vitamins used to perplex me. If any of you are old enough to remember the days when they were made from yeast byproducts, then later, yeast as a GMO; you might also remember them ‘repeating’ on you. Burping B-vitamins is said to be because you are allergic to a component in the formula. So, they changed to using GMO bacteria to overexpress the chemical harvest, but then if you get ill from taking those it is from an allergy to the bacteria residue not necessarily the main components. As you are all painfully aware many times the fermentation vats use corn products as the feedstock for the bacteria to make some supplements so then there is that added antigen in the mix. I am not a biochemist, but I wouldn’t put it past the industry to have tweaked some bacteria to produce beta lactoglobulin as part of their gene manipulation. And then there is my old standard of just plain mold. I used to use Twinlab B-complex because they offered phosphorylated vitamins for those of us who can’t make the conversions in our bodies. After a while they would make me sick. So I called the parent company and they said that leaving them out at 80 degrees F, or like some crazy Yanks, putting them in your medicine cabinet in the bathroom causes them to go moldy.

    B-vitamins should be a pale bright yellow. Over time, they oxidize and become a darker yellow, but if there are dark yellow flecks in them then they have turned moldy. One of the strategies is to put them in the refrigerator as soon as you open them. Twin Labs said that freezing vitamins reduces potency. I since gave up on Twin Labs because the magnesium stearate will gel your lymph like diesel fuel in the winter. Metabolic Maintenance has an excipient-free phosphorylated formula, but sometimes you have to gauge taking out a new mortgage on your home vs. taking a supplement.

    The small intestines are where all of the vitamins get taken into the body, so my goal has always been to heal the gut so that I don’t need vitamins. That is difficult enough but I found that my main competition for B-vitamins is exposure to industrial chemicals. By avoiding chemical exposures I found that my need for BVs were not so high.

  2. What does Patrick mean when he says mag stearate will gel your lymph like diesel fuel in the winter? Can you explain what this does to your body.
    I used to take a B complex years ago that you put under your tongue in drops – the feel good factor dropped off after a few weeks and in the beginning although it helped me to drop a few pounds after the first few weeks I used to gain along with the feel good factor. So this article has been really useful to read.

    1. Hi Janet,

      My main focus is vaccines so I approach everything from that nexxus. I noticed that the lymphatic systems of North Americans were stagnant. The results were nodes and trunks that were as hard as water balloons squeezed to their limits. The joking analogy I used in the first comment was that of low-grade petrol that gets solid when the temperature gets cold. But all joking aside there had to be a reason why people’s lymph systems were like a string of pearls beneath the skin. First I found that aluminum in vaccines is the SAME THING as the Alum used to make pickles. It gels and makes lymph as crisp as a pickle. Next I was given some links on the saturated fatty acid of Stearates clogging your lymph like a dirty soapy hairplug in a bathroom drain.

      It made sense to me why Stearates or Steric Acid were in most supplements and why many people were not getting well (sometimes worse) taking supplements. Yes, I am saying that they are put in there maliciously. You can tell that the other companies are doing it on purpose to keep you ill by looking at the brand name Thorne that formulates their supplements safely without stearates and also adds the amino Leucine. Leucine oxidation pathways are damaged by vaccinations. Without knowing that you would have to ask yourself why only a certain branched chain amino acid would be added as an extender to supplements when just about any other innocuous substance would do? The big companies know what is going on because they have to know the molecular biology of their products. No one is telling the general populace and most vitamin sellers say that there is nothing wrong with Stearates. Donald Lepore in his book the Ultimate Healing System said that stearates are the wrong polarity so they throw off the body’s energy signature. For me, that is Three Strikes You’re Out! (american baseball, I don’t know any cricket terms), so I have literally dumped every supplement that I had with stearates in them into the garbage. If it isn’t a pure liquid or excipient free (Ecological Formulas vitamin C crystals, etc.) I simply refuse to use them. It has been a very slow and difficult progress but I am making stagnant lymph start to ungel (slightly). This has taken years of work but only happened when I stopped the stearates.

    1. V difficult to find grain free and filler free supplements, I’m afraid but, looking at Patrick’s post, I need to look more into the stearates issue.

      1. Aaaaahhhhh!

        That’s what I love about this site. It is like an icecream brainfreeze to the mind. Here I was all locked up in the saturated fatty acid chemistry of clogging up the lymph, but then I read your comments and realized that before it ever makes it to the lymph it has to navigate the intestines and since we are all about allergens and triggers then I should have been paying attention to the SOURCE of the saturated fatty acid as well. Unless stated ‘vegetable stearate’ it can be from an animal source and unless it says Kosher you know that Porky is on the menu because it is cheaper. I know people who are now reacting to meat because it is fed grain. Added to that: What KIND of vegetable? If it is from any of our glutenous friends then you know that even USP grade stuff can set us off. Thanks once again for helping me see the forest burning as I stooped to inspect the campfire.

      2. I have been asking around and reading papers about stearates and believe that, actually, one of the main protagonists of this theory will shortly be retracting his statements which I think set off this way of thinking about them. I am happy that stearates in the quantities used in supplements are fine and the least of our problems. The problem comes with their vegetable origin which, happily from a TGF point of view anyway, is usually from palm.

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