Drugs For New Internet ‘Addiction’ Syndrome

This beggars belief and even cynical old me had to laugh out loud at this one:

Prozac for the Internet addict

Internet addiction is about to become a new psychological disorder that apparently leads to depression—and one that can be treated with psychotropic drugs.

We’re about to create a new Prozac generation—and this time, in the queue for powerful drugs are the adolescents and young adults who ‘excessively’ surf the Internet, use Facebook or text on their smartphones. From next year, Internet addiction will be classified as a psychological problem that causes depression—one that can be treated with powerful psychotropic drugs such as Prozac, Ritalin and Valium.

O. M. G. Smacks again of Big Pharma needing to create a new and lucrative market for their meds. Sigh.

Based on that, I should be on antidepressants since I am online most of the day, er, doing my job! I’m not saying that some people aren’t depressed or obsessive with t’internet, but creating a whole syndrome that pretty much every teenager and many adults will come under is taking the biscuit.

Source: Wddty enews Sep 12

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  1. Good grief!!! Whatever next! So will a large number of employers now be handing out Prozac to their employees who spend hours online as part of their job???

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