Do Agrochemicals Cause ME?

Interesting post on this in my inbox this morning:

Could Pesticides Cause ME?

ME – also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – could be, in part, caused by  exposure to organophosphate pesticides and insecticides. Conditions with similar symptoms as ME were noticed in farm workers in the early 1960s and identified as  neuro-behavioural abnormalities resulting from working with sheep dips and insecticides.

Peter Behan of the Institute of Neurological Sciences in Glasgow studied 10 patients suffering from neuro-behavioural symptoms for over a year and who had exposure to organophosphates through a sheep dip from between two and five years. Their symptoms included an acute influenza-like condition followed by incapacitating fatigue. In all cases, there was a long delay between exposure to the pesticides and the onset of the condition.  This study was referenced in “Living with M.E.” by Charles Shepherd.

Source: Marilyn Glenville enews Aug 12


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  1. HI Micki,

    I had an acidic like burning sensation while swallowing & almost slightly gagged each time I took a bite of non-organic chicken I had slowly cooked in lead safe crock pot!

    Since it was not organic in the US, the chickens are feed Genetically modified corn & other grains with of course loads of chemicals, pesticides, fungicides etc. Hm?

    I have been off grains since JAN 1 2012. I am highly allergic to corn, rice, soy & pesticides, & gluten of course. I am hyper sensitive to chickens fed with chemicals & the GMO’s gluten grains, in all the above since going off all grains, Curious of your opinion? Only other difference was one clove of garlic I put in entire pot. I usually only eat organic but have lost income & tried non organic YIKES!!

  2. You’ve answered your own question there, Becky! GM, probably corn-fed and corn-derived chemicals. Most TGFers can’t tolerate chicken at all because it is grain fed but it would be much worse with GM, hormones AND grain fed.

  3. Thanks for your expert opinion/ validation.
    Since being off the bad stuff for 9 months, It is almost hard to believe just how strong I can sense, feel & recognize just how BAD it is~ poison really. More motivation to stay off bad stuff.

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