Food Changes Molecularly When Near A Computer

This one is quite shocking. FoodsMatter have just posted an item showing the results of research whereby food was put near a computer and tested for molecular changes before and after. Rather worryingly, the water molecules changed significantly.

“Water becomes ‘aggressive’ changes its structure and ends up being harmful to the human body,” says Mikhail Kurik, one of the authors of the research.

Since we are 80% water and most of us spend our lives in front of a computer, what impact does this have on us? As Michelle of FM says:

The same happens with the 80% of water in the human body. According to doctors, the negative impact accumulates in the body and can be implicated in the development of long-term disorders such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s. Experts recommend spending less time at the computer and not eat near the device to not cause additional damage to the body. 

I asked Michelle then what we could do to prevent this if our lives are computer-bound. Here is her wise reply:

I think that is what those various vibrational/vortex gadgets purport to do. See Vortex Water Technology, or Quantum Balancing or Vibrant Vital Water. I have never found any of the ‘change the vibrations around you’ gismos of much help in combatting electromagnetic radiation but this is rather different and I have no idea how useful they might be in this context.

Maybe one way to minimise damage is what I have done, purely to escape the ES fall out from my computer: have separate screen and computer and site the computer itself as far away from you as you can so that you only end up sitting in front of a screen and not in front of the actual computer?

I have a separate screen and keyboard linked to my laptop. Guess what P will be doing with some connecting wire or whatever very shortly. Of course, he doesn’t know this extra job is coming yet. Oops…

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