Making Payments: Update

   Just thought I would let you know that I will now be taking payments for your consultations and on the shop for tests/factsheets/ebooks etc solely through Paypal. Bank charges for the Worldpay internet and telephone services have gone astronomical and I could either have put my prices up to compensate (boo hiss) or sacked them. So, I did the latter.

You don’t have to know anything about Paypal or have a Paypal account to pay, although if you do of course that means you don’t have to keep putting in your card details all the time which is less hassle and more secure; you just click and pay with your card as you did before.

The other difference will be that I won’t be taking your payment card details direct from you in clinic or over the phone. Instead, I will send a Paypal button to your email and you just click and pay with your card. Much simpler. I have been doing this for several years alongside the bank services because many people prefer to use Paypal and it works great.

You will also get reminders if you don’t pay within 2 days but purrlease don’t give me extra stress, work and unpleasantness by having to send one out to you!

Hope that makes sense. You shouldn’t really notice any difference, but you know I like to keep you in the loop! And thanks for your continued support; it’s nice to know that after 24 or so years in natural health, you still need me. Gives me a nice warm fuzzy feeling 🙂

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