Vitamin D – The Missing Link in #Diabetes?

Another brief WDDTY report for you, this time on how Vitamin D deficiency could well be exacerbating insulin resistance. I think that is highly likely. I honestly think that checking your D3 status is becoming really important – and you can’t guess it. I was taking what I thought was plenty, checked and found I was still woefully under. I also find GP ‘normal’ levels rarely are. Check the recommendations from the Vitamin D Council against your results, or ask me to do it.

Vitamin D deficiency could be missing link in diabetes therapy

A vitamin D deficiency could be the missing key in understanding type II diabetes, the lifestyle disease.  Although doctors understand the role that obesity plays in the development of diabetes, a vitamin deficiency seems to super-charge the problem of insulin resistance.

When the two are seen together, insulin resistance is nearly twice as common compared to obese diabetics with normal levels of the vitamin.

Researchers from Drexel University School of Public Health believe that vitamin D supplements could be a simple, and cost effective, way to reduce the severity of diabetes.

(Diabetes Care, 2012; doi: 10.23371dc12-0235).

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