Roche Fail To Declare Drug Reactions

Roche, one of the world's biggest drug companies, is at the centre of an urgent investigation after failing to report that people died while taking their medication   Here we go with another drug company caught in the act of hiding negative information about their drugs.


Swiss drug manufacturer Roche is under investigation by UK watchdogs following reports of 80,000 undeclared adverse reactions to drugs including Herceptin and Lucentis discovered during a routine check of Roche offices.

One of the world’s biggest drug companies is at the centre of an urgent investigation after failing to disclose reports that 15,000 people died while taking its drugs. The pharma giant failed to pass on a further  65,000 reports of suspected side-effects that were recorded by patients in the US over the past 15 years.

They involve drugs used to treat breast and bowel cancer, hepatitis B, skin and eye conditions.  They include Herceptin, given to about 10,000 breast cancer patients in UK and Lucentis, used to treat about 20,000 UK patients a year with age-related vision loss.

Roche has now been ordered by the MHRA and European Medicines Agency to investigate immediately each of the 80,000 side-effects and deaths reported.

Of course, Roche has said it was simple administrative error that caused such huge numbers of adverse reports to be boxed up and stored rather than be sent on to their health and safety team and onward to independent officials. I could perhaps believe that of a few hundred, but 80,000? That’s a lot of reports going missing.

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Source: Mail on Sunday 8.7.12

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