#Diabetes Drug Increases Cancer Risk

Report in the Independent on the Diabetes drug Actos/Competact (active ingredient Piolitazone) with people showing an 88% increased risk of bladder cancer! That’s pretty high.


People prescribed Actos (piolitazone) for type-2 diabetes were found to increase the risk of bladder cancer by 83%.  Montreal researchers studied NHS records of 115,727 people.  Those prescribed it for over 2 years were at an 88% increased risk.

Dr David Juurlink, head of Clinical Pharmacology at Toronto Uni, said he thinks this is the single best study, which leaves little doubt that piolitazone is a potential risk factor for bladder cancer.

Research at McGill University & Montreal’s Jewish General Hospital.  Published in ‘British Medical Journal’ on 31.5.12.

Piolitazone can be given with the drug Metformin for controlling blood sugar. See my recent post on Metformin here too.

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