Barrier Plan Product Update

Just to let you know if you are taking extra zinc that Kirkman’s have sent the wrong one: the Biomax series rather than Zinc Picolinate, which is NOT suitable for the Barrier or truly gluten free plans as it is processed from corn. Please be aware if you are sent the wrong one by accident by Natural Dispensary.

I have checked out the Allergy Research Group Zinc Picolinate and we can use that instead – yay! It is not part of the Barrier Plan, but I do know some people, like me, take extra zinc. The only thing about this one is the possible carageenan in the capsules which ARG seem to use but Kirkman don’t. If you are being ultra careful or are sensitive to it, take the powder out of the capsule.

Also, the Kirkman D3 2000iu – which IS a big part of the Barrier Plan – has just come in but they have had so many on back order, they only have a few left.

The Kirkman orders take a very long time to get through customs so always make sure you have plenty in stock as it can take weeks to get new. I have learned this the hard way with no D3 or zinc now for weeks!

I have tried many times to find an alternative to the Kirkman D3 products but to no avail yet. I will continue the search so we can avoid this huge wait when stocks run out!

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